Von Duprin 99 ALK KIT X 3215 US28 Alarm Kit

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Von Duprin 99 ALK KIT X 3215 US28 Alarm Kit with Mortise Cylinder, C Keyway, Satin Aluminum Finish


Exit Alarm Kit (ALK) monitors the unauthorized use of an opening
Internal horn provides an audible means of signaling that the opening has been compromised
Assembly includes both a 24VDC input and External Inhibit that provides remote arming and disarming
The key switch uses a standard 1-1/4" mortise cylinder with a straight cam
The alarm can automatically rearm with a 1-1/2, 3, or 4-1/2 minute time delay upon request

The ALK alarm kit is a simple and effective way to deter unauthorized use of an emergency exit door. It is a self-contained kit that is easy to install. Includes 6" x 20" decal for application on door "EMERGENCY EXIT ONLY. ALARM WILL SOUND." It allows fast and accurate onsite monitoring and diagnostics. Enhanced features include LED to signal when armed/disarmed and low battery notification. Ideal for use on perimeter doors in restaurants, libraries, retail stores and many other commercial business applications.

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