GOODYEAR 8GTR-1000-12 Gearbelt Falcon HTC 125 Teeth 12mm

GOODYEAR 8GTR-1000-12 Gearbelt Falcon HTC 125 Teeth 12mm

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20250468 8GTR-1000-12 Falcon, 1000 mm Long, 12 mm Wide

Product details

12 mm Cross Section Width
1000 mm Pitch Length
8 mm Pitch
125 Teeth
HNBR Material

Static Conductive Yes
Tooth Profile G
Color Black
Temperature Range [MIN] -50 �F
Temperature Range [MAX] 210 �F
Oil Resistance Yes
Reinforcement Aramid
Height N/A
No. of Ribs 1
Weight 0.123 LB

Industrial Timing Belt, Gearbelt Series - Timing Belts Falcon Pd(R), Industry Number - Timing Belts 8GTR-1000-12, Width - Timing Belts 12mm, Number of Teeth - Timing Belts 125, Pitch - Timing Belts 8mm, Pitch Length - Timing Belts 1000mm, Teeth Location - Timing Belts Single Sided, Material Compounded Rubber


Gearbelt Series - Timing Belts: Falcon Pd(R)
Item: Industrial Timing Belt
Pitch Length - Timing Belts: 1000mm
Number of Teeth - Timing Belts: 125
Width: 12mm
Teeth Location - Timing Belts: Single Sided
Material: Compounded Rubber
Width - Timing Belts: 12mm
Pitch: 8mm
Item - Timing Belts: Industrial Timing Belt
Pitch Length: 1000mm
Number of Teeth: 125
Industry Number: 8GTR-1000-12
Industry Number - Timing Belts: 8GTR-1000-12
Pitch - Timing Belts: 8mm

Item Type: Gearbelt
Manufacturer Part Number: 8GTR-1000-12
Made in the United States

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