External GPU PCI-E Dock for Laptops

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External Graphics Card Dock for Laptops / Notebooks

EXP GDC is a NOTEBOOK external graphics adapter.
(screen: use its notebook display need laptop comes with Intel (R) HD graphics and connected above GTS450 as NVIDIAs graphics. Otherwise you need external monitor.)

Support for PCI-E X16, the actual X1 mode (according to different notebook configuration can be upgraded to X2 mode)

Notebook / Laptop PCI-E expansion device

Operating system: Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10, Linux etc.
(Win XP, Win8/8.1 is only compatible with the laptop with external screen)

PCI-E X16:DMI GT/s (X1) 5

Power support:
8P interface: 220W max.
DC interface: 150W max.

1. Dual TD compatible switch (hardware conflict resolution)
2. Multistage anti interference circuit
3. Data line reinforcement
4. Multi power automatic switching (support for soft start)
5. High quality imported electronic components
6. Support for metal cabinet (optional)
7. Double copper technology to enhance system power supply
8. Isolation protection circuit
9. LED status indicator
10. USB interface extension
11. Lateral 6PIN power supply interface

Package includes:
1 x EXP GDC V8.0 adapter
1 x Expresscard data lines
1x ATX PSU power cable

Compatibility with the EXP GDC...

As long as your laptop has a mini PCI E slot it will work.

Not compatible with the following:
Lenovo E530 , L430 , E43 , U410 , E49 , K49
HP 5310M HP H533OM 6910
China ui45 EVI4
Haier T68
Acer 4739z

DC power supply interface:
Support DC 12 volt power supply input interface type outer diameter 5.5MM, inner diameter 2.1MM, maximum power 150W, support the soft switch function.

If you use the AMD series card it needs to be connected to an external monitor.
If you use Nvidia series card, anything higher than GTS450 and your laptop has Intel Core graphics which uses the EGPU software to set, then it can use the laptop screen, otherwise external monitor is required.

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