Digital Logger Web Power Switch Pro

Digital Logger Web Power Switch Pro

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Condition : New.
Includes Power cable, user guide and wifi antenna.

⏩ Web Power Switch Pro

▶️ Reliable Reboot and Power Control

• Easy to use. Easy to set up. Clean web interface.
• Secured WiFi and wired Ethernet.
• Multi-target AutoPing reboots routers & modems.
• HTTPS, SNMP, Rest API, SSH, SSL, Echo/Alexa & more.
• Lua scripting language for customizing.
• Powerful 32bit CPU with watchdog adds reliability.
• Oversized 40A relays and power supply. 4x beefier than competitors.
• Detachable 15Amp 6 foot cord or order a custom length.

Use the simple, clean web interface right out of the box ...or customize it using the built-in scripting language. The Pro is completely stand-alone. No cloud service or subscription needed.

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