Diamond Braided 16 Strand Polypropylene Rope

Diamond Braided 16 Strand Polypropylene Rope

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KingCord 1/2 in. x 50 ft. Diamond Braided 16Strand Polypropylene Rope


Model # 312461HD Store SKU # 1001540259

KingCord Diamond Braid Polypropylene is one of the most popular rope materials and constructions. Its economical, yet provides 3-times to 4-times the strength of any natural fiber rope. The Diamond Braid construction has a polypropylene jacket covering a synthetic core for strength and durability. Because of its light weight, Polypropylene (poly) is the only rope which floats, making it a great choice for use in and around water. It is an ideal general purpose rope. Other common uses include, securing equipment and tarps, making a shelter, using as a rescue line, tying down loads and using while camping or boating. Do not use for overhead lifting. Never exceed the Safe Working Load (SWL).

1/2 in. diameter

50 ft length

210 lbs. (95 kg) safe work load (SWL)

2 assorted colours

Economical yet relatively strong


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