CPU / GPU Thermal Paste 20g

CPU / GPU Thermal Paste 20g

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Condition : Brand New.

Thermal Paste / Thermal Compound / Thermal Grease

Specifications: Type: CPU Heat Sink Compound Silicone Paste Paste Material: Silicone Paste Color: Gray Bottle Size: approx. 3*3.5cm(D*H) Conductivity: More than 1.93W/m-k Thermal Resistance: < 0.225 deg;C -in2/W Viscosity: 1000 Concentration: 380±10 1/10mm Working temperature:- 50-280C Net weight: 20g

Features: Non-toxic, tasteless, non-corrosive, Low thermal resistance and high thermal conductivity Apply to CPU, VGA,LED Chipset and other PC components 100% Brand new and high quality Apply to RoHS environmental for protection requirements. High conductivity, effective insulation, high temperature resistant, low oil departs non-corrosive.

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