BUSSMANN KTK R 1 1/2 Fuse,Class CC,1-1/2A,KTK-R Series

BUSSMANN KTK R 1 1/2 Fuse,Class CC,1-1/2A,KTK-R Series

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BUSSMANN KTK-R-1-1/2 Fuse,Class CC,1-1/2A,KTK-R Series

Grainger Part #:4XC20

Fast-acting, nonindicating UL Class CC fuses open within seconds of being exposed to overloads and short circuits. These series KTK-R, KLKR, and ATMR fuses are commonly found in appliances, integrated circuits, control circuits, control circuit transformers, and other equipment with specific current-limitation requirements. Also called fast-blow Class CC fuses, they are highly sensitive to changes in current flow and don't tolerate temporary overload currents or power surges. They have no indicator for identifying a blown fuse, so they're sometimes used with an indicating fuse block or cover.UL Class CC fuses provide a high interrupting rating and current limitation for overcurrent protection of branch circuits, control circuits, lighting, transformers, and general loads. Their rejection feature ensures a match with Class CC rejection fuse blocks and holders that prevent midget fuses from being installed. These 600VAC fuses have an interrupting rating (IR) of 200kA and are the smallest 600VAC, 200kA fuses approved for branch circuits. They are current-limiting to prevent electrical damage by disconnecting circuits before they're exposed to the full magnitude and duration of an overcurrent.

UL Class CC Fuse, 1-1/2A, 600V AC, Not Rated, Class CC, KTK-R Series, Nonindicating, Fast Acting, Body Style Cylindrical, Rejection, Interrupt Rating 200kA at 600V AC, Fuse Size 1-1/2 in L x 13/32 in dia, Length 1 1/2 in, Diameter 13/32 in, Equivalent Brand and Series Bussmann KTK-R, Littelfuse KLKR, Mersen ATMR, Equivalent Series ATMR, KLKR, KTK-R, Compatible Fuse Block Series BC, BCM, C2617, C5268, CHCC, HPF, OPM-1038, OPM-NG, Body Material Melamine, Single Element

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