Mini Spot Welder Machine Various Welding Power

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▶️ Make / Model : Various Welding Power

It is used for Welding Nickle strips to 18650 batteries.

1. Wide selection of welding power supply: lithium battery power supply or 12V car battery.
2. The controller is controlled by a single chip microcomputer and the output pulse is accurate to ensure the welding quality.
3. With LCD display screen, can display welding parameters.
4. The welding pen and the input line are connected by U-shaped cold-pressed terminals, which is convenient for disassembly and replacement.
5. Using automatic touch welding mode, while retaining the manual trigger interface, you can choose according to your own use.
6. The power board uses 2 Gusi copper to increase the overcurrent capacity.
7, using 5 300A MOS tubes, non-disassembled MOS tubes.
8. The MOS tube driver adopts the imported special chip driver. The fastest MOS tube can be hit with 20nS. The switch is fast to prevent the explosion of the tube and the non-triode push-pull drive.
9. The MOS drive design adds a transient diode to protect the MOS and prevent the explosion of the tube.
10. 10AWG multi-filament flexible wire is used for the welding pen line and the input line to increase the overcurrent capacity.
11.The controller is mainly for welding nickel-plated steel strips from 0.1mm to 0.15mm.
12. A 25V10000uF high-frequency low-resistance capacitor is added to the power input for energy compensation, which increases welding stability.

Instructions for use:
1: Power connection
The controller comes with a 20cm long 10AWG input wire. One end has been crimped with a U-shaped terminal, and the other end has not been processed. Connect the crimped U-shaped terminal to the control power input terminal, and the other end is processed according to its own power supply. Do not connect the negative electrode wrong.
2: Switch on and off
There is a power switch under the control board. After pressing, wait for 3 seconds. After the buzzer drops, the LCD lights up and the boot is complete. Press the power switch again to shut down.
3: Screen description and parameter adjustment.
4: Welding
Keep the welding pin clean. If the welding pin is polished into a round head, the welding effect can be improved. There are manual and automatic methods.

Battery selection

1: 12V car battery from 25 to 40ah, requires good performance and low internal resistance

2: 4000 to 6000mAh 45C to 60C 3S model aircraft lithium battery

3: 30 to 35ah 12V capacity lithium battery pack

Welding materials

Welding 0.1~0.12mm thick nickel-plated steel strip

Energy setting

Energy must gradually increase from 01, and the maximum cannot exceed 50

Exceeding the above conditions may damage the controller

Material: Metal
Input line length: app.20cm/7.87in
Length of welding pen: app.30cm/11.81in
Color: Red+Blue+Black

Package Included:
1x Controller
1x Welding pen
1x Power input line (Red and Blue)
1 Pair x U-shaped cold-pressed terminal (used to connect to input power)
Several heat-shrinkable tubes, used to shrink the power input line
1x Welding pen

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